Wall Mount Range Hoods 900 CFM Ducted / Ductless Kitchen Vent Hoods IKP04

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Color: Silver
Size: 30 inch

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ETL & CETL Compliance with US and Canada Safety Standards

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900 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), with 4 speed settings


Gesture control, remote control, and button panel

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R gar (San Jose, US)
Check features to be sure you get what you need

Works as advertised- plenty of cfm for my needs, right width & correct length for decorative exhaust to ceiling & touchless operation is great! looks great in kitchen- blue display really looks great. pay close attention to instructions- they are inconsistent- but common sense will help

Ron Strand (San Jose, US)
Restaurant grade!!

I can finally sear meat and cook bacon and burn stuff in the house without my wife complaining!

Kirk Goodell (San Jose, US)
Nice looking and working unit

The package (big box) came damaged on all edges but all inside was well protected and in good shape. I converted mine for ductless, it works well. Complaints are the low speed is too high, the gesture control is too sensitive. I put a tiny piece of black electrical tape over one eye (there are two, left and right) so it does not see my head as a gesture when I move past it doing stuff in the kitchen or while cooking. After living with the thing turning on and changing speeds for a few days, I decided the gesture feature was one innovation seeking a use that requires more attention than just touching the control panel to get the result I want. I might try a few layers of scotch tape to see if I can reduce sensitivity that way and still use the feature but since touch controls are so easy to use, may I will wait to waste time on this when the weather is bad, I am incredibly bored or fall down drunk and hit my head so hard I forget I have other things I could be doing. Gesture control is obviously a good idea for kids and dogs. It does not work reliably with spouses in my experience, creating other complexities and even discord. I think vent hood operation is one which probably does not need it either and in fact, is a questionable choice for its application.

A secondary beef is the icon for the lights looks like an icon for settings rather than a light but not a big deal. You learn it quickly and that's that. The product installed pretty easily and works great, looks like quality.

You may need to cut down one of the vertical duct covers (chimney) to get a fit if your ceiling it's an in-between height, I had to with a height of 7' 11". The two chimney pieces nest and since the lower sits in a recess in the hood base, making a precise measurement requires installing the whole system and making your measurements and marks while in situ. The reason for this is that when you hang the hood you do it with the duct chimney pieces on it (in place), then slide the upper into position up against the ceiling attach bracket and screw into place. I had to try it once to see how it is going to work, I hadn't done one of these before. To me it was pretty simple adding only about 15 minutes or so to hang it, measure and mark and pull it all down for the cut. The overall job took me a couple of hours, the 120vac wiring was all set before hand.

I cut the stainless using a fine tooth carbide sawzall blade (ear plugs). Getting through the wrapped stainless edges of the duct covers is not viable with a shear. I put a couple layers of blue painters tape on it to protect the surfaces to make the cut. I should have left the protective covering on it for the cuts but you cant easily mate the two and position them for measurement with the covering on, the two will not slide easily. It will take you a half hour with a heat gun or torch to get the protective plastic off all the pieces, not much fun but it is better to get the unit in prime shape rather then having to use 200 and 400 sand paper to restore the finish, which works.

Seeking replacement carbon filters is easy so far on Amazon and other sites at about $20 per. The motor side (left as you face it) of the fan cage does not have a carbon filter so I cannot advise if this will become a failure mode for the motor unit due to grease ingestion or if this is an engineered induction point to increase flow with the other side impeded by the charcoal filter. The lighting provided is adequate, I would prefer a little more candle power. Main grates install at a funny angle as per the minimum instruction set, I determined this is for great drainage to the rear of the unit.

Overall I would buy again. I have only a few hours of operation on it at this time so I have no opinion on longevity.

Appearance is very nice.

Install was a bit difficult due to the directions not real accurate and didn’t specify what screws went where. Trial and error got the job done. Install went as planned. The hardest thing was removing the protective sheet on the stainless.
Just moving around near the hood cleaning kept turning it on and adjusting the fan speeds just from moving left or right with my head. So I guess if you cooking you better not move or you will keep adjusting the speeds. lol. Overall I think this will work just fine. Will update when I actually get to try it out.

JD (San Jose, US)
Nice looking hood with strong suction

Recently replaced my old vent hood with this one. I am happy with it so far. The suction is strong but of course it comes with being a bit noisy which is understandable. I hired a handyman to install it so I cannot comment on the instruction that came with it.
For homes with low ceilings, only one piece of the chute is needed and you might need to have some cut or trimmed to fit. Also the protective film was difficult to remove and annoying. Other than that it is a good vent hood that I am very happy to cook with :)