Island Mount Range Hoods 900 CFM Ducted Kitchen Vent Hoods IKIS02

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Color: Silver
Size: 30 inch

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ETL & CETL Compliance with US and Canada Safety Standards

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900 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), with 4 speed settings


Gesture control, remote control, and button panel

Customer Reviews

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Deon Frank (San Jose, US)
8' ceiling is a problem

As others have noted, installing this hood under an 8' ceiling is a problem. I opted to use just one of the duct covers. First I drilled holes through the top plate and the supporting 2x4s in the attic to take 4 long bolts. Then I attached the flexible duct to the fan assembly. I attached the top plate to the "angle irons" and then to the fan & hood assembly on the counter top. I then slid the duct cover over from the top. Using the cardboard box it came in and bits of lumber I elevated the hood until the top plate was in position snug on the ceiling. Now the hard part: I crawled into the attic and working through the duct hole, jiggled the top plate around until I could slide the bolts from the bottom through the top plate and 2x4s, and then I installed washers and nuts. Tightening the nuts cinched the assembly nice and firmly to the ceiling.

I think I could have come up with a better design to make installation a lot less challenging. For one, everything is assembled with frustrating tiny little nuts and bolts. Bring your good glasses!

5/17/2024 update: I was contacted by Iktch and they generously resolved the issues I had to my satisfaction. Now that the hood is installed we are very pleased with the looks, performance, and the quality of the product. Updated 3 stars to 5 stars.

Yaremij T. (San Jose, US)
Great hood and best customer service!

Had to contact IKTCH directly because had some questions and they went above and beyond in helping me. Not used to that level of service anymore. Will buy from them again.

LIFENG D. (San Jose, US)
good product, good surport af sale

I like the design , and it works well.
Especially, I have good experience of the af sale surport.

Connie Hecker (San Jose, US)
Refund given

Update: I loved this hood. It was very powerful. I wish it was an easier situation for me to reinstall the replacement unit that was offered. I opted for a refund. I would not discourage you from purchasing this hood as long as you are able to do your own install and not have to pay someone. If yours will work flawlessly, this is a great hood.

Update: After writing this review, I was contacted by the seller. IKitch provided a new circuit board. It cost me $75 to have my installer replace the old board with the new one. Unfortunately, the unit still does not work and I have now asked for a refund. It worked so well- (when it would work) and it is so pretty. But I will now have to find a different unit and spend more installation money to remove and hang a different unit.
Originally: While this is a beautiful and functional hood, something has gone wrong and I have received NO product support even though I have written. The instructions were followed by the professional installer. However sometimes this product will not turn on. The next day it will and will work a few days and then not again. All systems check out fine. I have yet to receive any response from the seller. I am very disappointed. I don't know if it is a defect in the wiring from the manufacturer or what. I would like a replacement or a solution - yesterday!

Ben C. (San Jose, US)
Works well

It’s not quiet, but it’s not too loud. Have it mounted at 34” above the cooktop- any lower and it would be in the eyeline of anyone 5’10” or taller. To be most effective, manf. recommends max of 32”. That height would block the view and I would bang my head reaching for back burners. Lights are not great.