Issue Possible Cause Solution
After Installation,both motors and lights are not working The power is not on. Make sure the circuit breaker and the unit's power is ON. Use a voltage meter to check the power supply.
The wire connection is not secure Check and tighten wire connection.
The control switch is defective. Replace the control switch.
Lights are working,but motor(s) is not. The blower system is not secure. Tighten the turbine impeller/squirrel cageand air chamber.
The turbine impeller/squirrel cage is not balanced. Replace the turbine impeller/squirrelcage.
Hood is not secured in place. Check the installation of hood,tighten the mounting bracket.
The motor is working, but the lights are not working. LED light fixture(s) is defective. Replace LED light fixture(s)
The light wiring(s) is loose. Check wire continuity from ControlSwitch to LED Driver to LED lightfixture(s).
The control switch or LED lightdriver is defective. Replace the control switch or LED lightdriver.
The rangehood is notventing outcorrectly. The range hood is installed outside of the manufacture recommended clearance. Adjust the clearance between the range hoods and cook top to 26" to 30". For Island range hood, the clearance between the range hoods and cook top is 30"to 36”
There is no make-up air inside thehouse. Open the window to enhance the performance of the range hood by creating a sufficient make-up air.
Obstacle blocking the pipe work. Remove all obstacles from the ductwork.
The pipe size is smaller than the suggested pipe size. Change the ducting according to the manufacture suggestion.
Cold air is coming into the home. The pipe connection is not properly sealed Check the pipe installation.
The damper is not properly installed or is  missing from the installation. Check the damper installation.
The damper is not installed. Installing the damper will help eliminateair backflow.


If the range hood or LED light does not operate after installation
  • Check if the range hood has been plugged in, make sure that all power has been turned back ON, fused not blown and all electrical wiring are properly connected.
  • Swap out light assembly to working ones to deter-mine whether it is caused by defective bulbs. 

The range hood vibrates when the blower is on
  • Check that the duct sized used is at least 6" or 3-1/4 x 10". Range hood WILL NOT function efficiently with insufficient duct size. For example: 7" duct over 6" top vent and loosely secured.
  • Check if duct is clogged or if damper unit (half-circular flapper) is not installed correctly or opening properly. A tight mesh on a side wall cap unit might also cause restriction to the air flow.

The blower or fan seems weak

Check the pipe installation.
The damper is not properly installed or is  missing from the installation. Check the damper installation.

The lights work but the blower is not spinning at all, is stuck or is rattling

  • The blower might be jammed or scraping the bottom due to shipping damage.
  • Disconnect the power cord, remove the fan grill and the fan blade, might see the fan blade or/and motor is not in the proper position (offset from the center). Try to fix/adjust it or please contact us immediately.

The hood is not venting out properly

  • Make sure the distance between the stove top and the bottom of the hood is within recommended 27" and 30" in distance. *Due to different ceiling height configurations, recommended height may not be applicable.
  • Reduce the number of elbows and length of duct work. Check if all joints are properly connected, sealed, and taped.
  • Make sure the power is on high speed for heavy cooking.