STOP and read! Test before installing

STOP and read! Test before installing

1.Please unpack the range hood and accessories carefully.

2.Remove the baffle filters, check any dent or damage inside and outside.

3.If found any loosing parts, please remove them.

4.Place the range hood on a flat stable surface, plug in 120V AC power source. Press the power button and the speed buttons to turn on.

5.Check if any unusual metal touching noise, check the speed variation,and press the Light button to check the lights.

6.Follow the steps below to check all functions.

Control Panel Layout and Buttons Configurations:

6.1 From left to right side: Lighting Key (K1), Timer Key (K2), LED Display, SpeedKey(K3),Power Key(K4)

When the power supply connected, all indicate lighting is On and then Off in 1second. To press K4 to open the hood.

6.2 When the hood is On, to press K3 to open Fan Speed 1 , to press again toopen Fan Speed 2", as so forth, to open Fan Speed 3" and 4" by K3. The FanSpeedis changed as 1-2-3-4-0-1-2-3-4.

6.3 lf there was any fan speed working, to press K2 to open Timer Mode, thedefault is 3 minutes and do count-down step. Or to press K2 or K3 to set thetimer as wanted, the maximum timer is 15 minutes.

6.4 To press K1 to open or close the lamp. The luminance of lighting can beadjusted from 0% to 100% as wanted by touching K1.

6.5 Gesture Control: to move your hand from left side to right side to open 1* FanSpeed.And again to open 2 Fan Speed, and 3", and 4".On the contrary, to move your hand from right side to left to reduce the speed level.

Please Note: when using gesture control function, please make sure to move yourhand from 2 signal ports completely.

This hood switch control can be operated by remote controller if wanted.

7.Refer to the TROUBLESHOOTING section if a fault has been found.

8.The plastic protective film was removed for sanding polish finishing.