IKC01 hood installation begins

1) Installation planning

  • Measure the distance between stove top and the bottom of range hood. A distance of 27” to 30” is recommended. Minimum 25.5" is required for safety concern.
  • Decide the venting method and the location of the venting pipe from the hood to the outside.
  • Purchase any necessary accessories from a hardware store, such as duct, elbow, reducer, damper, duct tape, screws, etc.
  • Find and mark the stud locations using a stud finder to plan the mounting locations finnl

2) Measure the top vent and the power cord positions, cut the openings (slightly larger for easy accessible) fbr hood exhaust and power cord under the cabinet.

3) For installing under the cabinet with recessed bottom, attach 4-inch wide wood filler strips (not provided) on each side.

4) Puncture the knockout screw holes on the top for screw mounting under the cabinet.

5) Mount this range hood under the cabinet, 2 people are required for this installation.

  • Draw power cord through cabinet access opening and center the hood beneath the cabinet.
  • From inside of the hood, place screws into the exact center of each knockout hole and secure to cabinet bottom. Finish tightening all screws until secure.

CAUTION: Make sure the range hood is secure before releasing!

  • For safety purpose, mount the screws through the pre-drilled mounting holes or/and drill new holes from inside the back of the hood to the studs or lumbers. For a more secure installation, use as many mounting holes as needed to secure from the inside of hood.

6) Use 6" round metal duct (or semi-rigid aluminum duct, follow building codes in your area) to connect the exhaust on the hood to the duct-work above. Use foil tape or duct tape to make all joints secure and air tight.

7) Connect the power cord to a designated grounded standard 110V outlet.

  • Or cut off the plug and connect three wires (black, white and green) to house wires and cap with wire connectors. Connect according to colors (i.e. black to black, white to white, and green to green). Store excess wires in the wiring box.

8) Install baffle filters and stainless spacer if any.

9) Turn power ON in control panel. Check all lights and fan operations.