How To Install Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood in 8 Easy Steps

by LuoYone on Jan 02, 2023

How To Install Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood in 8 Easy Steps


Today we are going to show you how to install an under cabinet ductless range hood. To learn it, simply follow all the steps carefully and install a ductless range hood easily.

This ductless range hood installation process is very similar to other range hood installations. It just doesn’t a hassle to vent out. Because ductless range hoods are operated through charcoal filters, charcoal filters capture smoke, steam, and other fumes recycle them to return the clean smoke to the kitchen.

Under cabinet ductless range hood installation is generally much easier than other ducted range hood installation. This ductless range hood installation is pretty simple by using some techniques without the help of a professional.

So, let’s start to learn how to install under cabinet ductless range hood.

Things to You Should Consider Before Begin How To Install Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood

  • Before going to the installation process, unbox the new under cabinet ductless range hood and get familiar with all the accessories manufacturers provide.
  • Then make sure the recommended space for your new range hood exists in your kitchen cabinet.
  • In addition, the under cabinet ductless range hood must be installed at a minimum of 28 inches – 32 inches above your stove. Verify that there is sufficient space for it.
  • Cover your cooktop with a wooden board to prevent screws and other objects from getting into the stove.
  • Before going to work it’s great to follow the installation and other instructions that the manufacturer’s guide advised.
  • Essentials Tools to Install Under Cabinet Ductless Rangehood

    It would be best to assemble all the following tools before you start to install under cabinet ductless range hood. This process will make your work smoother and faster.

    1. Non-contact circuit tester
    2. Screwdriver
    3. Power drill
    4. Pencil or Marker
    5. Level
    6. Tape measure
    7. Wire stripper

    I think you have all the above tools.

    The Process of How To Install Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood

    Step 1 – Identify the Center of the Wall

    Start yours under cabinet ductless range hood installation DIY from here. Take the tape measure to find out the exact center point of the cabinet and locate it marked with a pencil. 

    Step 2 – Take the Measurements

    Decide where to install the ductless range hood in the cabinet. After determining the place, measure the space among the range hood and the cooktop. To determine if there is enough space, measure the width and minimum height of the range hood and prepare the nominated area for under cabinet range hood installation.

    Frequently, the under cabinet range hood and cooktop must have a gap of 28 to 32 inches. So, make sure here 28 inches – 32 inches distance available among the stove and range hood.

    In this phase, It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and strictly follow the rangehood height requirements.

    Step 3 – Mark and Drill screw holes


    Once you have got the perfect place to install your desired under cabinet ductless range hood, catch a pencil in hand to mark holes and drill them using a power drill for the screw. 

    In this scene, you can use the paper template which the manufacturer provides. By applying it, you can mark the holes on each side accordingly for the screws of the cabinet. Also, create a 2-inch diameter hole in the middle of the wood board with a saw.

    Making Holes on Cabinet board :

    Drill holes using a 4-8 inch bit with a power drill after you’ve marked the holes. Where and how much to drill will depend on your kitchen cabinet and range hood. But if the cardboard or wooden board in your cabinet is fragile, make sure to add more wooden pieces on the opposite side to assure adequate capability. The range hood will hang on the screws and brackets installed in this hole.

    Install Brackets (if needed) :

    If you crave and if the manufacturer of your range hood gives that you will install your under cabinet range hood with the wall, then attach the bracket with the wall by using screws as shown above.

    Step 4 – Setting Circuit Breaker For the Power Source

    Some range hoods have a simple plug-in facility. If you have a hood like this, proceed directly to step number 6.

    But if your range hood is hardwired, you need to install a circuit of 110 volts. You can use the existing circuit for this. Therefore, you must ensure that the appropriate power of 110 volts is enriched. A professional electrician should be called if you aren’t comfortable with electrical work.

    Step 5 – Make Connection with Wire to Wire

    After the circuit work is performed, turn off the circuit breaker power supply and be sure by testing the non-contact circuit tester. Then you can begin to connect the wires. 

    Here you will see 3 wires of the same type or color on both sides (circuit and range hood). Then remove half an inch of coating from the ends of each wire with a wire stripper. Once the cable cover has been removed, connect the white wire with the white, the black wire with the black, and the green wire with the green wire and secure them with wire nuts. Afterward, secure the wires between the electrical boxes.

    Step 6 – Place Your Under Cabinet Range Hood

    Once the wiring or plug has been completed, now you will need an assistant to place the new under cabinet hood in the middle of the cabinet. Tell your assistant to hold the hood tightly at the position. Then put all the screws in the hole and install the range hood in its place. 

    To tighten the mounting screws, use a screwdriver.

    Step 7 – Connect with Electricity

    When the cable is connected, and the range hood is in place, plug in the ductless under cabinet range hood to the electric outlet. Then check that the lights and fan of the Range Hood are running well.

    If the range hood is not on, verify the circuit again and see if there is a connection error among any wires inside.

    Step 8 – Install the Charcoal Filters

    The last step in under cabinet ductless range hood installation is to install charcoal filters. These charcoal filters are the key element to make your range hood ductless. It sucks out the toxic fumes, grease and emits from your kitchen. 

    So now install the carbon or charcoal filters and activate grease guards. Next, reattach with range hood cover fasteners. To keep all the wires safe, you can make an electrical box on the opposite wall.

    When all of the above is perfectly complete, turn on your range hood once more from the control panel and feel the fresh air. Now you can complete how to install under cabinet ductless range hood by yourself with pleasure.

    Tips to Install Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood

    • To make your work smooth, create a paper template before you start. By doing this, you’ll ensure that nothing is missed, and you’ll complete everything with ease.
    • It is recommended that you choose an under cabinet range hood whose width is similar to the stove’s width. That will make your experience better.
    • Since you work with circuits and wires at the entire Installation segment, it is necessary to secure your own safety by turn off the power of the circuit breaker. So, turn off the circuit breaker which is involved with the kitchen’s electric power. Otherwise, stop the electrical performance of the whole house or kitchen.
    • If you connect the hardwired range hood at the existing circuit, then absolutely estimate the load capacity of that circuit.
    • Do not forget to follow all manufacturer’s guidelines for hassle-less installations.

    Common FAQs Regarding Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood installation

    Q: How to install recirculating range hood if I have two cabinets above the cooktop?

    A: If your under cabinet ductless range hood is to be installed between two cabinets, the installed space on the range hood should have equal distance on either side of the cabinet. Aim to install it halfway from each cabinet. Get the tape measure to find out the center of two cabinets and draw a vertical line from the ceiling with a level ruler.

    Q: How to install a ductless range hood without a cabinet?

    A: You can install a ductless range hood without cabinets if you make a shelf with brackets along the kitchen walls. Then you can install the range hood by making several customizations there. But it’s not a great approach.

    Q: Are ductless range hoods effective?

    A: Obviously, why not? Ductless range hoods keep the kitchen environment clean and vibrant by absorbing toxic fumes, grease, and odor from the kitchen through carbon filters. You don’t have to worry about venting outside separately if you have a ductless range hood. 

    Q: What are the difference between non-ducted and ducted range hoods?

    A: Basically, the range hoods that trap the smoke in the kitchen, vent out the smoke through the exhaust chimney are called ducted range hoods. On the other hand, the range hood that absorbs the smoke out of the kitchen and purifies it, and returns the clean smoke to the kitchen is named a non-ducted or ductless range hood. This non-ducted and ducted matter depends totally on what type of filters you are using. Ducted range hoods use stainless-steel baffle filters and aluminum mesh filters. But charcoal filters are only used for non-ducted range hoods.

    Q: What should I look for in a ductless range hood?

    A: If you finally choose a ductless range hood, you should concentrate on its power, CFM (Cubic feet Per Minute). CFM is a big issue for a ductless range hood. Better performance comes from a more substantial range hood. Therefore, you must judge CFM power.

    Q: Cost of installing a range hood?

    A: To install an under cabinet ductless range hood costs about 350$-700$. Exact costs will vary on the condition of work and also on depending the electrician’s expertise.


    Now we can proudly say that you ultimately learn how to install under cabinet ductless range hood. Additionally, we believe that if you follow the instructions, you will be able to do the range hood installation by yourself without facing any serious problems. 

    Don’t think it’s so hard. Just make it simple and go step by step. As soon as you can adequately understand all the steps discussed above, go ahead with this guide and manufacturer instruction with confidence.


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